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SUVÉ Cleansing Brush Set

SUVÉ Cleansing Brush Set

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SUVÉ Face Cleansing Brush. This immaculate nose cleansing set is ready to send. Specially made for SUVÉ, Soap Dish and Tray adds the luxury usually reserved for high end skincare boutiques. Enjoy being pampered while promoting beautiful skin.


Set Content
FC1 Face cleansing brush
A brush of highest quality goat hair that gently massages your skin as it cleans. The fine, rich foam helps retain moisture to soothe and enhance your radiant soft skin.

NC1 Nose cleansing brush
Super fine pine squirrel tip to cleanse the delicate contours and T-zone with an easy touch and gentle feeling, while removing pore-clogging debris and sebum. This new style of skin care will soon become customary.

TR1 Tray
The Tray holds the soap dish, face cleansing brush, nose cleansing brush and lymph drainage brush stand. It makes a simple and elegant addition to your private space.

SD1 Soap dish
Made from bone china and designed based on the traditional Japanese tea cup. Tear shaped ridges in the dish allows for easy soap foaming.


Package: Chipboard Box


Box: W261×D132×H79mm

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