About personalized engraving service

SHAQUDA's official website offers a personalized engraving service.
Create a gift for a loved one or a one-of-a-kind special brush for yourself with an original engraving.

Characters which can be used
Capital letters of the alphabet
Number of characters
10 characters or less
The font will be the one in the image.
300 yen per brush
Time until delivery
1 week to 10 days
Products eligible for personalized engraving service
All brush products are available with personalized engraving service. Soap dish, Tray, Brush stand, Cleansing bowl, Brush case and other non-brush products are not eligible.
(Note) If a personalized imprint is made, the order cannot be cancelled.

How to Order

Please choose the "Yes" option on the product page and enter up to 10 uppercase (capital) alphabetical characters in the "Requested Name" field.