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About Wrapping Service

■Please also check this page for information on our wrapping service.
・If you wish to wrap several items, please purchase the necessary number of wrappings from this page.
・If there are items for which you would like wrapping and items for which you do not, please indicate your preference in the remarks box on this page.
・In the case of multiple items, we may not be able to wrap them together. In such cases, please note that an additional fee will be charged.

■If you would like to order noshi, please indicate your request in the remarks column on this page.
*Noshi is applied by uchioshi (wrapping after the noshi has been applied).

・Please indicate the type of noshi in the remarks column.
Knots (wedding gifts, get-well gifts, etc.)
Hana Knot (and other general celebrations)

・Address (on envelope, etc.)
Please indicate your preference in the remarks column, such as no inscription, congratulations, congratulations within, Kotobuki (longevity celebration), etc.

Please indicate your preference in the remarks column for no name or the name you would like to include.