About Ordering

Q. I want to check if my order has been accepted.

When your order is accepted, an email with the subject "Thank you for your order (automatic transmission)" will be sent from the email address "store@shaquda.jp". If you do not receive the email, please contact us by clicking here. If you do not receive the email, please contact us from here.

Q. I want to cancel my order.

To cancel an order, please contact us with the order number and the name of the person who placed the order. Please note that we may not be able to cancel an order if the product has already been shipped or processed, or if the name engraving has already been done to the brush.

Q. I want to change my order.

To change an order, please contact us with the order number and the name of the person who placed the order. Please note that we may not be able to make changes to an order if the product has already been shipped or processed, or if the name engraving has already been done to the brush.

Q. I want to combine multiple orders into one.

If multiple orders are placed at the same shipping address on the same day, we will combine them and ship them together, but just to be safe, please contact us with the order number and the name of the person who placed the order. Please note that we may not be able to respond if the items have already been shipped or processed.

Wrapping & Gifts

Q. Is gift wrapping available?

SHAQUDA's original wrapping service is available.
Please click here for details.

Q. I would like to choose a gift. What is recommended ?

All Shaquda products are packaged in individual boxes and can be gifted in quantities of one or more.
Body brushes and other skin care brushes are popular gifts for all ages and genders.
For makeup brushes, larger brushes such as powder and blush brushes are more appreciated because they are more voluminous and comfortable to use.
For the makeup lover, choose an eye shadow brush or a highlight brush to avoid duplicating brushes already in use.
Shaquda offers a variety of gift sets for different budgets. We also offer optional wrapping service and personalized engraving service for makeup brushes. For more information, please visit our Gift Collection page.

Name engraving

Q. Can you personalize the brushes?

SHAQUDA's official website offers a personalized engraving service. For details, please review at here.

About Delivery

Q. When will my order be shipped?

  • ・If name engraving service is not ordered, the product will be shipped within 4 to 5 business days after the order is received. If you specify a personalization, it will take about 2 business days longer to ship.
  • ・We are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, New Year holidays, GW, and summer holidays, and cannot ship during these periods. Long holidays will be announced in the NEWS section in advance.

Q. Can I specify the desired delivery date and time?

You can specify the requested date and time for delivery in JAPAN ONLY. Please specify the requested date after 5 business days from the date of order. Please specify your request(s) in the remarks column on the order screen. (In some cases, delivery may be made earlier if you do not specify a preferred delivery date.)
For orders from OUTSIDE JAPAN, delivery date and time CANNOT be specified.

Q. I want to change delivery address.

If you wish to change the shipping address, please contact us here with your order number and the name of the person who placed the order. Please note that we cannot change the shipping address if the product has already been shipped or processed.

Q. How much is shipping cost?

  • ・Shipping to address in JAPAN: Free shipping is available for purchases of 11,000 yen or more including tax. If the amount is less than 11,000 yen including tax, the following shipping charges will apply. Hokkaido 1,400 yen, Tohoku region (Aomori, Akita, Iwate, Miyagi, Yamagata, Fukushima) 1,000 yen, Okinawa/island areas 1,300 yen, other areas 660 yen (All tax included).
  • ・Shipping to OUTSIDE JAPAN: Please note that international shipping charges will be calculated on the checkout page for shipments outside of Japan.

Q. How will my order be delivered?

  • ・Shipping address in JAPAN: We will ship by Japan Post's "Yu-Pack" service.
  • ・Shipping to OUTSIDE JAPAN: We will ship by UPS or DHL.

About Payment

Q. How can I pay?

The following payments are accepted.
Credit card payment (VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX), Amazon Pay, Shop Pay, Apple Pay, Google Pay

Q. Can I change payment method after my order?

We are sorry, but we cannot accept changes in payment methods after an order has been placed.

Q. I require a receipt.

If you would like a receipt, please write "Receipt Request" in the remarks column on the order page.

Returns and Exchanges

Q. I want to return/exchange a defective item or an item that is different from what I ordered.

Please understand that this return policy applies to any of the following conditions and does not apply to user damage, incorrect ordering, or dissatisfaction of the customer.

We will exchange products, if damage or incorrect ordering is solely the fault of SHAQUDA, in accordance with the following procedure;

  • ・Notify us of the damage with detailed and reasonable explanation within 7 days after delivery (for international order, 30 days after delivery).
  • ・Return the damaged item to the designated place as it was originally shipped or follow the instruction of our staff.
  • ・Use the enclosed packing slip, when returning damaged products.

In the rare case in which we cannot supply the original ordered items, refunds will be issued.

About Makeup Brushes

Q. How to care for makeup brushes?

Please rub tip of brush gently on tissue to remove makeup residue after each use. For quick cleaning, use SHAQUDA Daily Brush Cleaner.
If your brush becomes heavily soiled or hard, please wash well and dry. For cleaning instruction, please see the detail from here.

Q. Can I wash a brush? If I can, how often should they be washed?

It can be washed. For cleaning instructions, please see the details here.
The preferred frequency of washing is once every one to several months, depending on the frequency of use. Please wash If your brush becomes heavily soiled or hard. If you wash too often, the tip of will be damaged; you can use SHAQUDA Daily Brush Cleaner to remove any daily bothersome makeup residue.

Q. Is the UBU series washable?

If the tip of brush becomes heavily soiled, please wash it. However, please do not leave it to soak in water to wash. If the wooden handle gets wet, wipe it dry with a towel. If the wooden handle becomes whitish, apply natural oil (olive oil, etc.) to cloth, a tissue or cotton ball and rub it into the wooden handle to blend it in.

Q. What should I use to wash my makeup brushes?

You may use your own shampoo or soap to clean the tip of brush. For brushes with large tips and made by natural hair, use a hair treatment or conditioner.

Q. What is the difference between natural hair and synthetic hair.

Synthetic hair is made from a plastic resin called PBT. Natural hair are animal hairs, and their characteristics vary from brush to brush. Generally speaking, natural hairs retain more powder than artificial bristles, so they have good color payoff and ease to adjust color.
In recent years, artificial hair has been developed with a texture similar to that of natural hair, and SHAQUDA has achieved a feel similar to that of natural hair by blending its own hair materials according to the application.

Q. What is the best recommendation for a first time makeup brush user?

Blush brushes and eye shadow brushes are popular for applying face color.
Compared to the brushes that come with cosmetics or when applying with fingers, you can feel the difference in coloring, ease of applying makeup, and the quality of the makeup finish.

Q. Which concealer brush is best?

For small areas, UBU series 826 and Own series 780 are recommended.
For larger areas, we recommend UBU series 821 and Own series781.
OWN series 756 and 757 can also achieve sheer & light makeup finish and easy to use.

Q. Can I use other brands of brush cleaner?

Please make sure that the product can be used for both natural and synthetic hair before use. However, please note that some manufacturers of cleaners use strong solvents, which may cause the paint on the handle to peel off easily.

Q. Is there a refill for the brush cleaner?

No, we don't have refill of SHAQUDA daily brush cleaner.

Q. How should I store my makeup brushes?

Store brushes on a brush stand or in a drawer or brush case to prevent the tips from losing their shape. When not in use for a long period of time, store brushes with natural hairs in a dry place with mothballs in the storage space. In all cases, please avoid direct sunlight.

About Skin Care Brushes

Q. How long should a Body brush be used and when should it be replaced?

When the tips are wetted and used for cleansing, the durability period is six months to one year for soft (white hair), and about one year for semi-hard and hard hair. However, if the tip is used only for dry massage, it can be used for a longer period.

Q. How long should a Face cleansing brush be used and when should it be replaced?

The durability period is six months to one year for soft (white hair), and about one year for hard hair.

Q. Does water seep into the handle of the body brush and lead to quality deterioration?

The product has a water-repellent finish. However, please take care to store the product in a dry, well-ventilated area after use. If the product is stored in a damp place for a long time or used beyond its durability period, the water-repellent coating may peel off.

Q. Can the handle of the body brush long be removed or detached?

The handles are glued and fixed and cannot be removed or detached.

Q. What soap do you recommend for Body brush and Face cleansing brush?

Soaps and body soaps with natural oils and fats are preferable for the tips of the hairs, but you can use any soaps and body soaps that you usually use. However, we do not recommend the use of body washes or body soaps that contain scrubbing ingredients, as they can damage the hairs prematurely. 

Q. What is the difference between the SUVÉ and JIVA series?

SUVÉ is available in three types of hardness: soft, semi-hard, and hard.
JIVA has a larger brush head, longer shaft, and larger overall size than SUVÉ, and is available in two types of hardness. The tip of the brush has a two-layered structure, so you can enjoy two different types of washing feeling with one brush: from soft to semi-hard, and from semi-hard to hard.

Q. How do you apply body soap?

You may apply it directly to the tip of the brush before use, or you may use body soap on your hands or body, then wet the tip of the brush and lather it up.

Q. What should I do with my body brush or face cleansing brush when I am finished using it?

Spread the base of the brush tip and rinse the soap or body soap lather thoroughly under running water. Also, drain off the water from the tip of the brush thoroughly so that no moisture remains, and store it in a well-ventilated, preferably dry, place.


Q. I want to unsubscribe from the newsletter.

Please unsubscribe by clicking the unsubscribe button at the bottom of each e-mail. If you are unable to unsubscribe, please contact us through CONTACT.

Q. I would like to see the actual product, where is it stocked?

You can find our products at our atelier store SHAQUDA (main store, Hiroshima, Kumano-cho) or at our dealers nationwide. Please check from the SHOP LIST page for details.
Please contact the store directly for availability. SHAQUDA also holds pop-up stores in department stores nationwide in JAPAN. Please check our newsletter, NEWS column, and SNS (official Instagram, etc.) for details.