SHAQUDA. An innovative brush born from the fusion of traditional Kumano craftsmanship and modern design.
Hand-finished brush tips. A design both simple and soft. Experience the graceful poise and decorative look of SHAQUDA as it soothes the skin and inspires the mind.
At SHAQUDA, we are committed to three things.
Craftsmanship. Taking infinite pride in techniques handed down from Edo-period Japan.
Design. Simple but expressive styling that sets the tone for a new era.
SHAQUDA style. Inviting you to experience rich, extraordinary moments in everyday life.
SHAQUDA proposes a lifestyle filled with comfort and inspiration. We invite you to enrich your everyday with the unique and unprecedented experience we offer.
Kumano, located in the eastern part of Hiroshima, has been Japan’s most famous brush-making town since the Edo period. It is here that SHAQUDA makes its home.
The first traditional Kumano brushes came out of this scenic mountain town over 180 years ago, and the SHAQUDA brand is steeped in the area’s inimitable techniques. Master artisans born and raised in Kumano express their pride in their heritage and innovative sprit with this exclusive line of brushes.
They put their heart and soul into each and every brush, tapping into their extraordinary ability to select exactly the right hairs, dress them, and carve out the perfect brush shape using traditional koma tools.
A woman applying lip rouge with a SHAQUDA brush effortlessly captures the graceful poise and delicacy of a Japanese tea ceremony.
SHAQUDA is inspired by that exquisite aura, fitting perfectly into the hand to create elegant, intuitive movements.
The style is one of unadorned, yet breathtaking beauty.
Simple, gracious, and detailed with a sophisticated yet expressive design, SHAQUDA ushers in a new era of ideal brush aesthetic. Enrich your everyday life with genuine luxury to be cherished for years to come.
Delicately awaken your skin with a soothing cleansing ritual.
Make your mornings a joyful time to express your beauty in the refreshing early breeze.
Delight in the touch of our exquisite brush tips as they bring out the natural beauty of your skin to start each day.
Before bed, slowly replenish your skin in the moonlit evening.
A life with SHAQUDA evokes the indulgent peacefulness of tropical islands, urban spas, and elegant villas and resorts.
Make the ordinary extraordinary with SHAQUDA.