UBU 801

UBU 801 Classical Face Brush

UBU 801Classical Face Brush

Elevate your look to new heights
with a brush that does everything.
Unlock the beauty secrets it holds within.

Delicate and delightful against the skin,
the UBU 801 brush is made from the finest goat hair and crafted with a natural finish.
It’s versatile enough to handle any cosmetic application, and perfect for natural makeup looks.
Use it as a finishing brush for gorgeous powder applications,
or to make foundation look even more natural and beautiful.
Blush, contouring… this is a brush that does it all.
UBU 801 integrates seamlessly into your everyday life, elevating your look to new heights.



A versatile brush
that does everything

Fine, tapered bristles easily pick up and release powder,
so you can breezily complete your makeup routine in less time.
Works with both pressed and loose makeup,
making it versatile enough to use for foundation, blush,
contouring, highlights, and more.



Made with the finest goat hair
for a luxurious feel

Premium goat hair feels delightful against the skin
and offers the perfect springiness,
allowing the soft bristles to hug every contour of the skin.
Our artisans carefully select only the finest natural hairs
and carefully assemble them by hand.


For a natural,
luminous finish

Get an even coat of powder that covers the face like a gossamer veil,
creating a natural beauty that almost looks like
you’re wearing nothing at all.
Sponges can result in a thick, caked-on appearance,
but this brush blends seamlessly for a clean look with all-day hold.



Fits comfortably
in the hand
for an intuitive feel

SHAQUDA’s ergonomically designed handle
fits seamlessly into the hands, its warm, natural walnut
becoming more comfortable and intuitive every time.
Lovely to hold and easy to use, each handle is designed
to perfectly balance weight and length.
Elegance begins in the refined strokes
and graceful look of the hands as you work.


Classical Face Brush

10,000JPY(excluding tax)

Finishing, foundation, blush, contouring, and more
Goat hair, walnut
180 mm total (brush head 50 mm)
Package dimensions
32 mm x 32 mm x 190 mm (W x L x H)
Works with

Loose powder, pressed powder, powdered foundation,
colored face powders, and more