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UBU 3 Brushes & Case

UBU 3 Brushes & Case

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Multiple purpose SHAQUDA selected brushes with a larger size Leather brush case. The Paulownia box can be used to protect brushes from humidity and general storage.

  * This brush set is packaged in a gift box (paulownia wood box). It is an ideal gift as it is. If you would also like it wrapped, please choose Original wrapping service here.

Set Content
801 Classical face Brush
Classical face brush with brilliant design that is a renaissance of the original. Placing powder beautifully, naturally finishing the foundation, blushing and even shading. An amazingly handy brush.
Usage: Finishing, Foundation, Cheek or Shading

820 Bright up Brush
The Bright up Brush has a rounded, symmetrical tip witch conforms to the eyes angles. Appropriate for gently applying highlight powder, eye base color powder, stage natural and sheer eye makeup.
Usage: Highlight or Eyeshadow

823 Blending eye Brush
The blending eye Brush possesses longer hair length and resembles beautiful calligraphy brushes. Softly apply eye color powder with gray squirrel hair. This brush blends and creates gradation beautifully. Also suitable for highlighting around eyes and nose.
Usage: Eyeshadow or Highlight

CA2 Leather brush case L
A larger version of our CA1. Genuine Leather brush case molds to brush shape as you use it. Lined with swine leather for smooth insertion, storing 3 to 5 brushes. Simple functionality, design and genuine leather add joy and elegance to your precious brushes.


Usage pre-caution
Each portion of natural leather has its own unique assortments of marks, and patterns. While they may appear as scrapes or scratches, they are the leathers natural appearance and in no way effects the products use or durability.
The natural characteristics of the leather mean that there may be discoloration due to rain, moisture, friction, lighting or sunlight. Again, these are unique to leather and have no ill effects.


Gift Box: Paulownia wood


Box: W243×D44×H220mm

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