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UBU 3 Brushes, Case & Cleaner

UBU 3 Brushes, Case & Cleaner

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This gift set contains a selection of three brushes ideal for base makeup. 
We will pack a compact leather brush case S that perfectly holds 3 brushes and a brush cleaner to keep the tips clean. 
The Paulownia box can be used to protect brushes from humidity and general storage.

 **This set contains Brush Cleaner and CANNOT be shipped overseas (outside Japan).

 * This brush set is packaged in a gift box (paulownia wood box). It is an ideal gift as it is. If you would also like it wrapped, please choose Original wrapping service here.

Set Content

805 Angled face Brush
The Angled face Brush is compact yet contains abundant hair. Supple hair tip angularly shaped to comfortably fit the face line. Recommended for foundation, blush, or shading brush to make face look smaller.
Usage: Foundation, Cheek, Shading or Finishing


821 Touch up Brush
With a dense, flat shaped tip that corresponds perfectly to the skin, the Touch up Brush is the perfect blend of pony and synthetic hair. Its elasticity is great for applying concealer. Great for firm application of eye color powder as well.
Usage: Concealer, Eyeshadow or Highlight


826 Lip contour Brush
The Lip contour Brush evokes the image of the Maiko. Firm weasel hair holds lip color well and allows for beautiful uniform lines. Not just for lip color, great for touching up contour lines and point concealer.
Usage: Lip, Concealer or Eyeliner


CA1 Leather brush case S
Genuine Leather brush case molds to brush shape as you use it. Lined with swine leather for smooth insertion. Compact size for 1 to 3 brushes. Simple functionality, design, and genuine leather add joy and elegance to your precious brushes.


SQ-DB SHQUDA Daily Brush Cleaner
Brush cleaner to clean and keep cosmetic brushes clean. It can be used for both natural and PBT bristles, and keeps the texture of the tip of the brush firmly in place. It contains bergamot oil, so you will be healed by its refreshing aroma every time you use it.


Gift box: Paulownia wood box


Paulownia box: W209xD44xH220mm

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