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JIVA Body Brush soft

JIVA Body Brush soft

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Double-tiered brush head construction combines two different bristle textures and lengths to create an innovative body brush with just the right amount of spring.
Generously packed bristles create a rich lather that finds every nook and cranny of the body.
The unique arrangement of the bristles also allows you to choose the way the brush feels against the skin—just work side to side for a gentler touch or up and down for a firmer scrub.
Gently work your favorite soap or body wash into the bristles, gradually increasing pressure on the head to create a more robust cleansing action. JIVA Body Brush Soft is designed with a softer head, making it gentle enough for sensitive skin or children.


Soak with warm water directly on the brush tip. Use appropriate quantity of soap or body-wash. Apply the lathered brush on your skin and wash and massage gently.
*Durability : about 1 year
*You can also use dry brush, not wet, for Body Massage.


Goat hair/ Synthetic/ Walnut



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