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SUVÉ Face cleansing brush

SUVÉ Face cleansing brush

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A brush of highest quality goat hair that gently massages your skin as it cleans. The fine, rich foam helps retain moisture to soothe and enhance your radiant soft skin.


1. Using appropriate quantity of soap or facial wash, wet the brush tip and use circular motions to make lather in the palm.
2. Using gentle circular motions massage the skin with the lathered tip. This brush is very effective in removing keratin and fine particles from skin so once a week is sufficient. If skin is sensitive use lather only to clean skin.


After use care:
Clean brush by rinsing with water. Please store cleaned brush in well ventilated area.
*Durability : 6 months to 1 year


Goat hair/ Synthetic/ Walnut


Package: W71xD132xH53mm

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