Atelier Shop SHAQUDA now open.

Atelier Shop SHAQUDA now open.

Mizuho Brush Co., Ltd. opened the new atelier shop “SHAQUDA” in Kumano town, Hiroshima prefecture in September, 2023.

Our newly opened atelier shop “SHAQUDA” has been renovated from a 120warehouse in the Mizuho Brush complex. In the shop zone, brush concierges of SHAQUDA will provide customer service, offer make-up and skin care experiences, and provide personalized guidance in brush engraving and delivery services for purchasers. In the studio zone, there will be exhibits on the history and process of Kumano brush manufacturing, workshops, and special events that will be held periodically both in shop and online.

We are pleased to welcome your visit to the atelier shop "SHAQUDA" .


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