Opening of New Atelier Shop "SHAQUDA"

Opening of New Atelier Shop "SHAQUDA"

Here is the announcement that The new atelier shop “SHAQUDA” will be opened in Kumano town, Hiroshima prefecture on Friday, September 1, 2023.

SHAQUDA, an innovative brush born from the fusion of traditional Kumano craftsmanship and modern design, was established by Mizuho Brush in 2015. Exclusively hand-finished brush tips and a design both simple and soft. Experience the graceful poise and decorative look of SHAQUDA as it soothes the skin and inspires the mind. SHAQUDA is seeking to provide not only an instrument for pursuing beauty, but also unique brushes that simulates people’s senses and enrich their minds and lives.

Our products are available through SHAQUDA’s official online boutique, major department stores, and select shops both overseas and in Japan. SHAQUDA products are now sold in over 18 countries around the world including China, Europe and the U.S.
Our newly opened atelier shop “SHAQUDA” has been renovated from a 120
warehouse in the Mizuho Brush complex. The atelier shop will host two “zones”.

In the shop zone, brush concierges of SHAQUDA will provide customer service, offer make-up and skin care experiences, and provide personalized guidance in brush engraving and delivery services for purchasers.

In the studio zone, there will be exhibits on the histo- ry and process of Kumano brush manufacturing, workshops, and special events that will be held periodically both in shop and online.


Name of facility : SHAQUDA
Hours : 10:00 to 17:00, Tuesday to Saturday (Scheduled)
Closed : Sunday, Monday and National holidays (Other store designated dates/ Schedules) Address : 2-7-35 Hagiwara, Kumano town, Aki-gun, Hiroshima
Contact : +81 82 854 1137, (Sales Division, Mizuho Brush Co., Ltd.)


10:00 AM, September 1, 2023

【 Contact/ Booking for private viewing 】

Phone E-mail: +81 82 854 1137

ENQUIRY: (Sales Division, Mizuho Brush Co., Ltd.)