UBU 801 Classical Face Brush

UBU 801Classical Face Brush

UBU 801 Classical Face Brush

UBU 801Classical Face Brush

Elevate your look to new heights
with a brush that does everything.
Unlock the beauty secrets it holds within.

Delicate and delightful against the skin,
the UBU 801 brush is made from the finest goat hair and crafted with a natural finish.
It’s versatile enough to handle any cosmetic application, and perfect for natural makeup looks.
Use it as a finishing brush for gorgeous powder applications,
or to make foundation look even more natural and beautiful.
Blush, contouring… this is a brush that does it all.
UBU 801 integrates seamlessly into your everyday life, elevating your look to new heights.

Elevate your look to new height swith a brush that does everything.Unlock the beauty secrets it holds within.



A versatile brush
that does everything

Fine, tapered bristles easily pick up and release powder,
so you can breezily complete your makeup routine in less time.
Works with both pressed and loose makeup,
making it versatile enough to use for foundation, blush,
contouring, highlights, and more.



Made with the finest goat hair
for a luxurious feel

Premium goat hair feels delightful against the skin
and offers the perfect springiness,
allowing the soft bristles to hug every contour of the skin.
Our artisans carefully select only the finest natural hairs
and carefully assemble them by hand.


For a natural,
luminous finish

Get an even coat of powder that covers the face like a gossamer veil,
creating a natural beauty that almost looks like
you’re wearing nothing at all.
Sponges can result in a thick, caked-on appearance,
but this brush blends seamlessly
for a clean look with all-day hold.



Fits comfortably
in the hand
for an intuitive feel

SHAQUDA’s ergonomically designed handle
fits seamlessly into the hands, its warm, natural walnut
becoming more comfortable and intuitive every time.
Lovely to hold and easy to use, each handle is designed
to perfectly balance weight and length.
Elegance begins in the refined strokes
and graceful look of the hands as you work.


Fashion DesignerTamae Hirokawa

Please tell us how you became a designer.

I always loved art and I belonged to the art club at senior high, but when it came time to plan my career path, I didn’t know what to choose...At the time, I was influenced by the magazines I read, and I enjoyed looking at beautiful women. Women can change their vibe simply by applying make-up or changing their hairstyle, but apparel is one area that really drives that first impression, right? Apparel also plays a role in expressing our inner self, and in that way, it closely resembles art — it’s just we can put it on. I thought it would be amazing if I could make the concept of apparel as mobile art my work, and that’s why I finally chose to become a fashion designer.


What is your focus as a clothing designer?

I design knits and am currently working on a product called “Skin Series” — a clothing range like a “second skin,” designed to give you a beautiful silhouette. The clothing is like make-up, so you can wear it beautifully, like you would cosmetics. I design clothes that work in concepts like this one — the relationship between the body and apparel.


Where do you source your creative inspiration from?

A lot of my inspiration comes from the day-to-day stuff. Inspiration comes from many sources — I often go to art galleries, films, or the theater — but I particularly enjoy travel. I visit the provinces of Japan or go abroad and find creative stimulation there. Lately, I’ve fallen in love with Sri Lanka and I head there a lot. What makes it so brilliant are the people — it’s an island, so everyone is laid-back and happy. In terms of fashion, it’s similar to its next-door neighbor, India, but it still retains its own folk costume. I also love the Ayurveda developed by that mysterious culture. There are clinics in the mountains surrounded by nature, where I eat delicious meals, have Ayurveda treatments, relax and enhance my own beauty. Sure, we can beautify ourselves superficially with a simple change of clothes, but we are what we eat, and that Ayurveda mentality of changing from the inside or changing our life-cycle brings out our beauty too.


What are aspects of your working style which you value?

The border between my private and work life is very fluid. For example, I love performing arts and visit the theater often. But making costumes is part of my work, so when I go to the theater I call it work. And I am able to indulge my love of architecture by staying at boutique hotels when I travel for work. So it's as if every aspect of both my private and work life fuels me. But just to clarify, I do make sure to generate results in my work life while enjoying my private life. I never say, “I’m off,” and throw work out the window. I take responsibility for my work and once I have scheduled everything, I do what I want with the rest of my time. Getting the job done on time and succeeding is my goal, and so long as that is happening, I often pop out to the local art gallery, and also join things like “eat-till-you-drop” tours.


Do you get a sense that this job was pre-ordained?

I do make things, so it's possible that I have a creator's soul. Besides, although I make things on my own, it’s not as if I can bring them to completion by myself. I work with lots of people — with companies and with a team — so if I can’t finish things on time by myself, it’s going to cause problems, right? Since I work with a team, I have to make sure that I schedule those aspects in carefully.


I’ve heard that you are really into beauty...

I have always loved seeing women become beautiful. Beauty treatments, head spas...there are a plethora of options, right? I’m interested in all of them. I find it fascinating the way we women can make all sorts of changes in our attire (hair, make-up, fashion etc.).


What was your first impression on seeing the UBU801?

It’s a wonderful product. Perfect in every detail, the corners have been rounded off...every possible detail has been attended to — they have developed a luxury-style brush designed with the user’s wishes in mind. I love the walnut color with its deep brown and the soft touch of the hair. The packaging is also lovely, and I remember thinking that not just the product, but the entire brand had been well thought out.


What differences did you notice after using UBU801?

I found that I was able to blend the makeup into my skin well. Brushes exist in order to blur borderlines, and when you watch hair and makeup artists at work, they really do a good job of blurring those borders, don’t you think? I had been using fine brushes for my own eye makeup and had never really used thick ones. But the UBU801 feels really comfortable on my skin, and my make-up slides onto my skin well, so I can use it as a finishing tool. Just the experience I have come to expect from a Kumano Brush.


Tamae Hirokawa

Established SOMA DESIGN, a company producing fashion, graphics, sound, and visual design. Established the brand SOMARTA at the same time and showcases at Japan Fashion Week (in Tokyo). Received the 25th Mainichi Fashion Grand Prix Shiseido Award for best new designer of the year. In addition to an independent exhibition, “Tamae Hirokawa Genealogy of the Body -Creation of SOMARTA-” she has also collaborated with many corporations such as Canon [NEOREAL], TOYOTA [iQ×SOMARTA MICROCOSMOS], and YAMAHA MOTOR DESIGN [02Gen-Taurs]. In 2017, items in SOMARTA’s signature range “Skin Series” were acquired by MoMA, attracting a lot of attention to the brand.


Classical Face Brush

10,000JPY(excluding tax)

Finishing, foundation, blush, contouring, and more
Goat hair, walnut
180 mm total (brush head 50 mm)
Package dimensions
32 mm x 32 mm x 190 mm (W x L x H)
Works with

Loose powder, pressed powder, powdered foundation,
colored face powders, and more