Beautiful and so very you. Anywhere. Any time. Introducing “MISUMI series”, a makeup brush designed especially for travel.

SHAQUDA is pleased to announce the release of the “MISUMI Compact Makeup brush” , a new brush
series designed especially for travel.
The MISUMI compact series is developed especially for women on the go. Exquisite quality meets
sophisticated design in this compact brush series made to fit in a small pouch.
The MISUMI series includes four brushes: a face brush, a founda tion brush, and two eyeshadow
The natural wood handle fits snugly and effortlessly into the hand. MISUMI means “triangle” , and true to its name, the brush is crafted into a soft triangular form with gentle curves.
The angled bristles deliver just the right amount of suppleness all the way down to the base, creating a
refined look with just a few sweeps. The soft touch is the result of practiced artisan techniques, bringing
moments of pure joy to your everyday morning routine.




Le traitement par SUVÉ a commencé !

Salon à Paris, France
Un traitement utilisant Brushing Skin Care SHAQUDA SUVÉ a commencé à

…* Hanaëssence Paris *….
Hanaё, esthéticienne et thérapeute de premier plan à Paris,
Vous pouvez découvrir le menu de drainage.


【Exhibition】“SHOPPE OBJECT”, New York’s Semi-annual Home & Gift show in August.


SHAQUDA will be making its inaugural appearance at “ SHOPPE OBJECT ”, New York’s Semi-annual Home &
Gift show, August.

We offer two series of SHAQUDA brushes, brushing skincare SUVÉ and ethical makeup brushes UBU.
SHOPPE OBJECT will showcase 50 SHAQUDA products, including our newest releases, “MISUMI”series compact makeup brushes.

Our booth will include demonstrations where visitors can experience the feel of our brush tips as well as
carefully crafted brand communications.

We are excited to get our message out on the global beauty and lifestyle stage from NYC, a city known
around the world as the birthplace of beauty and lifestyle.

We’ll see you in New York City !


Date : August 10th to 12th, 2019,
Time : 10:00 – 18: 00
Venue : PIER36 (299 South Stre et, N ew York , U.S.A. )
Booth location : SHOW CA SE JAPAN AREA

Registration is HERE


SUVÉ Body brush short semi-hard on 【PORTER’s Summer Issue #26】

PORTER’s Summer issue, including SHAQUDA.

SUVÉ Body brush short semi-hard  is now  on 【PORTER’s Summer Issue #26

Name of magazine : PORTER’s Summer Issue #26

Title of article         :  the beauty memo




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Amendment of Shipping Charge and Credit card payment launched !

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We would like to inform that our shipping charges are amended as follows.

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Annual Summer Holiday (Aug.11st – 16th)

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Brand new skincare treatment style for quality hands by brushing. SHAQUDA unveils “SUVÉ Hand treatment brush”

SHAQUDA (holding by Mizuho Brush Co. Ltd., Kumano town, Hiroshima, Japan)released ” SUVÉ Hand Treatment brush” which is a brand new hand treatment tool by brushing, to the globe on April 4, 2017.

SHAQUDA, established in 2015 at Kumano town Hiroshima, Japan, presents Craftsmanship, Design and SHAQUDA style as its philosophy.

SUVÉ, which is one of product lines of SHAQUDA, propose new ‘brushing skincare custom that can revive and soothe your skin as typified by our Body brush.

The usage of brand new item ” SUVÉ Hand treatment brush ” uses as a self-treatment brush to caress lightly from finger to arm or a nail brush to gently polish the nails at home or outside for relaxing times.

The quality hair tip, handmade by Kumano’s craftspeople, caress the lines of the hand one by one to gently stimulate and delight your hand. Dissimilar hair tips (e.g. Badger hair and Raccoon hair) massage gently and your hand skin breathes healthy and attractive. 3D well designed walnut handle can fit to your hand and has a relaxing effect only by holding.


   AKI_2141akiko_photography - HP 

SHAQUDA also released “Self-treatment method” by Hand treatment brush


SHAQUDA will offer this item with treatment method through our official website, SNS and pop-up events at selected shops.


【Outline of Product】

Launch date:  April 4, 2017

Product name:  SUVÉ Hand treatment brush

Material:  Badger hair/ Raccoon hair/ Walnut

Product size:  W55 x D28 x H70

Package size:  W117 x D132 x H53

Retail Price in Japan: JPY9, 000 (excluding tax & other charges)

Selling venue:  Official website SHAQUDA online boutique

Hand treatment method:  We offer “Self-treatment” and “Premium method”.


Please let us know if you request this text or high resolution photo data.


Contact /Manufacturing & Sales

Mizuho Brush Co., Ltd.  Mr. Osahiro Maruyama, Sales division

TEL +81-82-854-1137