【NEW items ! “Clear brush case” “Brush display stand ” 】

Newly released ” The Clear brush case ” is convenient for carrying SHAQUDA make up brushes as well as Cosmetic items.

The water resistant PVC material wipes off easily if soiled.
Cocoa colored simple design matches brushes and shows contents perfectly.


Brand new ” The Brush display stand 6 / 8 beautifully holds your UBU brush series in a vertical position.
The stand is made from natural walnut wood like our brushes, and finished in a sophisticated and uniform design.
Conveniently designed to store different thickness brushes using spacers.


【NEW item ! “SUVÉ Hard Body Brush” 】a new product that offers an innovative feel on the skin.

SHAQUDA is pleased to announce the release of the “SUVÉ Hard Body Brush“, a new product that offers an innovative feel on the skin.

SUVÉ Hard Body brush is newly released following our existing Body brush soft and Body brush semi-hard.

Body brush hard type with a superbly balanced mix of boar bristle, goat, and synthetic hair. Supple and resilient to the skin. Recommended for thoroughly cleansing and sebum removal.

Soak with warm water directly on the brush tip. Use appropriate quantity of soap or body-wash. Apply the lathered brush on your skin and wash and massage gently.
You can also use dry brush, not wet, for Body Massage.

It offers a delightful pressure on the skin while retaining its suppleness and flexibility, making it perfect for releasing excess oil from deep within the skin for a fresh finish.

The new brush is available in both a long and short design.


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